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Dealing With the Insurance Company after a Workplace Accident

After workplace accidents in New York State, many injured victims feel unsure of their rights and confused by the workers’ compensation claims process. Unfortunately, many also feel as though their employers and the workers’ compensation insurance companies are further victimizing them by assigning intrusive “nurse case managers” to their claims.

If you suffered an injury in an on-the-job accident, you have specific rights under New York law, the right to medical privacy and the right to seek the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney. The attorneys at Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco, L.L.P., have helped the residents of Long Island secure the benefits they need to recover after workplace accidents for more than 25 years, and we can help you.

With one call to our toll-free number (877-693-2529), you can get the answers you need to your pressing workers’ compensation-related questions and schedule a free initial consultation at one of our six conveniently located law offices.

Nurse Case Managers and Your Rights

Workers’ compensation insurance companies hire nurse case managers (with certifications such as RN, CCM, CLCP) to be medical liaisons between their claims processors and injured victims and their doctors. These nurses’ jobs are to analyze doctors’ diagnoses, evaluate victims’ injuries and ultimately save insurance companies’ money. Sometimes, nurse case managers can be helpful, especially in catastrophic injury cases such as paralysis, amputation and traumatic brain injury (TBI). In most other cases, they are not necessary and can hurt your case in the long run. If a nurse case manager is assigned and calls you, or is assigned to your claim, the first thing you should do is call your workers’ compensation lawyer.

In many cases, a nurse case manager will ask you to allow him or her to sit in on your medical evaluation with your workers’ compensation doctor. Neither you nor your doctor should permit this to happen. You have the right to medical privacy, and you do not have to honor this request.

Let Us Help Protect Your Rights

Because a large part of a nurse case manager’s job is to protect the insurance company, you should not discuss your accident or your injuries with him or her without the permission of your workers’ compensation lawyer.

After suffering an on-the-job injury, it is imperative that you understand your rights early in the claims process to avoid making mistakes that could cost you both proper medical care and lost wage benefits. With the help of the lawyers at Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco, you will have the answers you need to ensure the protection of your rights throughout the entire process.

Contact one of our attorneys today by calling toll free 877-693-2529 or by emailing us to schedule your initial consultation.

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