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Workers Compensation Attorneys for Work-Related Stroke 

High stress, sleep deprivation and toxin exposure can contribute to cardiovascular disease that substantially increases your risks of having a stroke. Your job may contribute to these and other risk factors and workers’ compensation may be available to you for stroke-related disability.

Turley Redmond & Rosasco has helped injured and sick workers for more than 25 years. We handle complex workers’ compensation and Social Security disability claims to cover occupational diseases. Unfortunately, many workers do not realize they are eligible for these benefits and inadvertently delay or waive these important rights.

Our lawyers can guide you through the process so you can recover the funds you need for medical care, lost income and disability. We help you get the immediate assistance you need to recover your health and financial security and the long-term benefits to protect your future.

Workplace Factors that Contribute to Stroke Risks

You may know what you can do to decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke, but your job conditions make taking those steps impossible. Smoking is a primary risk factor, but even if you do not smoke, you may breathe in similarly harmful materials, vapors or fumes that produce the same high risks. 

However, you do not have to prove employer negligence to recover workers’ compensation benefits. The worker’s compensation insurance program was established specifically to cover workers who are injured or sickened on the job and to avoid the lengthy, uncertain process of proving fault.   

Criteria for Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

Demonstrating that you worked in an unhealthy job place environment and that you suffered a stroke may not be enough to qualify you for workers’ compensation. You must show that the stroke was caused by a natural incident of your particular occupation.

The deadline for filing a claim for an occupational disease is the later of two years from the date of your disability or two years from the date you knew or should have known that your medical condition was caused by the nature of your employment. If your loved one died of an occupational illness, you are held to the same timeframe. Also, you may still be considered disabled even if you returned to work and, therefore, may still be eligible for important benefits.

Our lawyers build a well-documented claim that clearly links your stroke to your job conditions. We urge you to file as soon as practicable after suffering a stroke to avoid delays in receiving your benefits.

Consult with Our Nassau County Workers’ Compensation Firm About Recovering Benefits after a Stroke

Did you know you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for your stroke-related disability? Discuss your options and rights with Nassau County workers’ compensation firm Turley Redmond & Rosasco today. Your first consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose by learning about your options for filing a claim.

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