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Workers Comp Lawyer Helping Injured Workers Recover Compensation Throughout NYC and Long Island

Jobsite injuries are common across New York City, throughout New York State, and across the country. However, if an employer has workers compensation insurance in place, employees that are hurt while performing job-related tasks are entitled to benefits. Anyone who has suffered a personal injury related to a job task has the right to speak to a workers comp lawyer. Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco, L.L.P. is ready to stand by your side and protect your rights. Contact us today to discuss your options and due benefits during a free consultation.


Common Workplace Injuries

If you suffered a serious injury on the job in NYC, you should hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and maximize your benefits. To get the best result, your attorney must understand the medical and legal issues involved, the type of work you do, how much you earn, whether you expect to lose time from work and whether your injuries are expected to be permanent.

Every workers’ compensation attorney at our firm has handled all types of accidents and injuries, from fractures and strains to permanent and catastrophic injuries. The most common types of workplace injuries include the following:

Back and neck injuries are by far the most common work-related injuries. A serious back or neck injury can affect your whole body and cause disabling pain, resulting in extended lost time from work. Fully half of all workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability claims handled by our legal team are back and neck injuries. Yet employers and insurers tend to be skeptical of back injuries, and such claims are frequently denied.

Brain injury or head trauma is usually the result of a blow or sudden jolt to the head. These types of injuries can be severe, affecting normal brain function and cognitive abilities. If these types of injuries occurred while on the job, and have prevented you or a loved one from returning to work, it is important to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, as well as all necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Burn injuries can be physically and emotionally painful, and typically are extremely complicated to treat. Often a burn injury will require multiple reconstructive or skin graft surgeries, and they may lead to permanent scarring or other disfigurements. Surgeries or traumatic amputations also can cause disfigurement or scars.

Eyesight or hearing damage: Employers have an obligation to protect workers from excessive noise in the workplace. Additionally, precautions should be taken to prevent eyesight injury such as providing appropriate safety goggles or eliminating hazardous conditions. If you have suffered vision or hearing loss as a result of an injury or prolonged exposure, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical bills and a percentage of your weekly wages.

Lower extremity damage: Almost all jobs require you to walk and stand for part of the day. If you have a serious injury to your hip, leg, knee, ankle, foot or toes, you may be unable to work for a period of time and thus you may be eligible for weekly workers’ compensation benefits. Employers and insurers, however, are not always sympathetic with these injuries. You may need legal representation to get the right treatment and the necessary time to heal. In addition, these injuries are often permanent and will result in a cash settlement (Schedule Loss of Use or SLU award) after you reach maximum medical improvement.

Loss of Limb/Loss of Use: An amputation, loss of limb or loss of use of limb can be catastrophic and alter all aspects of a person’s life. If the injury occurred on the job, a worker may be entitled to a Schedule Loss of Use (SLU) cash award in addition to standard workers’ compensation benefits. The award amount varies depending on the body part and extent of permanent disability.

Upper extremity injuries: Injuries to limbs and joints of the upper extremities often cause permanent injuries, entitling injured workers to one-time case awards from the Workers’ Compensation Board known as Schedule Loss of Use (SLU) awards. Even with therapy or surgery, you may have to live with chronic pain and significant loss of function for the rest of your life that affects your current job and future employment prospects.

Occupational Illnesses and Diseases

At Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco, L.L.P., our New York City workers’ compensation attorneys have decades of experience handling occupational illnesses and diseases, among several other types of workplace injury cases. Our firm thoroughly investigates your case, using our legal knowledge and insight, as well as the input from experts that may be enlisted to help determine who is responsible for you injuries. We understand the impact that any work-related injury can have on your life and aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve from any and all negligent parties.

Toxic Exposure: Employees in any type of workplace are at risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals. Whether these are every day cleaning supplies or chemicals involved in manufacturing, any toxic exposure can result in devastating and fatal injuries. If you have been injured due to toxic exposure on the job, we can help.

Pulmonary Conditions: If your job is taking its toll on your lungs, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to pay for medical care, lost wages and disability arising from your cardiopulmonary disease. However, you must demonstrate a direct link between your job and your condition. Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco can help you document your disease and the work environment that caused or exacerbated your condition to successfully recover your rightful workers’ compensation benefits.

Stroke: Heavy physical effort on the job may contribute to a stroke that is job-related and workers’ compensation may be available to you for stroke-related disability.

Asbestos: Asbestos was touted as a miracle at the start of the last century. Manufacturers found innumerable uses for the fire-resistant, strong, insulating natural fiber. By the 1960s, the link between asbestos and mesothelioma was well established. However, billions of products already contained the dangerous substance and workers today continue to be exposed to asbestos. Because of the delay in symptoms, linking asbestos exposure to a particular workplace can be a challenge. Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco has helped mesothelioma patients recover vital workers’ compensation benefits for more than a quarter-century.  

Repetitive Stress Injuries: You have performed the same tasks over and over in your job without any problems. One day you notice debilitating symptoms that seem to have appeared gradually or may have occurred all at once. At first, you may not even have associated the pain and discomfort with your job. For this reason, repetitive stress injuries can be difficult to diagnose and are often challenged by employers and their workers’ compensation insurance companies. Fortunately, a knowledgeable workers’ comp lawyer can help.

A Workers Comp Lawyer from Our Firm Will Take the Time to Answer Your Questions

You’ve had an accident at work. Aside from the pain, you have many questions and concerns. 

  • How do I report this to my employer? You must notify your supervisor, or someone in authority, about your injury within 30 days of the accident. It is best to provide written notice, however, oral notice is acceptable. There are some exceptions to this requirement which an attorney can explain to you.
  • Can I go to my own doctor? You may seek treatment for your work-related injury with any health care provider authorized by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. Healthcare providers include physicians, chiropractors, hospitals and walk-in clinics.
  • Who pays the medical bills? So long as your claim is accepted, the employer or the employer’s insurance company is responsible for payment of your medical expenses related to the on-the-job injury. There are no co-payments or deductibles. You should never pay a health care provider for treatment rendered in connection with a work-related injury.
  • What cash benefits do I get under workers’ comp if I am out of work? There is a seven day waiting period before cash benefits become payable. However, if the disability extends past fourteen days, benefits are payable from day one. If an injured worker is totally disabled as a result of a work-related injury, he or she is entitled to two-thirds of his or her average weekly salary for the year preceding the accident date. There is a cap, or maximum benefit payable, depending upon the accident date. If the injured worker is determined to have a partial disability, varying rates may apply.
  • Will I lose my job if I file a claim? How do I file a claim? It is unlawful for an employer to terminate an injured worker in retaliation for filing or attempting to file a workers’ compensation claim. A claim may be filed by preparing and signing Workers’ Compensation Form C-3 and filing it with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board within two years of the accident date or onset of occupational illness. This can be done through the mail, via fax, electronically or by dropping the form off at any local office of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. You should always obtain proof that you filed the C-3 Form.
  • Do I need a workers comp lawyer? The workers’ compensation system has become increasingly complex in recent years. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will help you navigate the waters and sort through the sea of paperwork you will receive throughout the course of your claim.
  • How much does a workers compensation attorney cost? Lawyers’ fees are set by the Workers’ Compensation Judge assigned to your case and are based upon services rendered by the attorney. There is no fee unless the lawyer is successful in obtaining cash benefits for you.
  • Do I have to pay anything upfront? (The answer is “No!”) No. All fees are subject to the approval of the Workers’ Compensation Board. It is unlawful for an attorney to demand or accept upfront money from an injured worker in a workers’ compensation claim in New York City or any other area.

Recover Your Rightful Damages – Contact a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Now

Any worker who experienced in injury performing job-related tasks will naturally have questions regarding their rights and workers’ compensation claim options. The good news is that with one toll-free phone call, a workers comp lawyer at Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco, L.L.P., can provide you with the answers.

Our firm has been helping injured workers in New York City, Long Island, and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. On a daily basis, our lawyers represent clients at administrative hearings before judges of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, and negotiate their settlements with insurance companies and employers. Contact a workers’ comp lawyer today to discuss your legal options during a free, no-obligation consultation. We can be reached at 1-877-693-2529 or online. We look forward to helping you recover your just workers’ comp benefits. 

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