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Social Security Disability Firm of Binder & Binder Laying Off Majority of Employees

Binder & Binder plans to lay off 100

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As reported in today’s Newsday, the former nationwide Social Security Disability firm of Binder & Binder has announced that it is laying off 100 of 147 employees from its Hauppauge, Long Island headquarters effective December 11, 2017 due to bankruptcy.  I have been reporting on the Binder & Binder bankruptcy for over three years and and this final sad outcome was inevitable. See my prior Binder & Binder bankruptcy posts here and here.

In addition, Binder and Binder plans to close its Long Island City, Queens, office and lay off all 90 employees, also on Dec. 11th.  It previously closed it’s Tampa office. That’s 190 employees losing their jobs right before holidays.  Our law firm is already getting resumes from soon to be unemployed attorneys, advocates and  paralegals. Sad.

Word on the street is that Binder & Binder is going to ship most of its New York pending claims to a Massachusetts firm for future representation. If true, current Binder & Binder clients would have to agree to the transfer to the out of state firm. 

Personally, after practicing Social Security Disability law in New York for over 25 years and winning over 10,000 Social Security Disability claims, I have no idea why any New York client would want an out-of-state firm to handle something as important as their Social Security Disability claim. Out of state attorneys and advocates generally have little to no experience appearing before the Administrative Law Judges who have been  deciding cases in New York for years.

An experienced local  Social Security Disability lawyer may have appeared before your Judge hundreds of times and knows the proof that particular judge requires to approve your case.  Many good local Social Security Disability attorneys have credibility with the local judges. This advantage cannot be underestimated.

As sad as these layoffs are for the Binder & Binder employees, it is also a sad day for the Binder and Binder clients who may be impacted by having their cases transferred to an out-of-state representative. I wish them all the best.

If you would like a free, no obligation case review regarding a pending Social Security Disability claim and you are currently represented by Binder & Binder, please call us at 1-877-NY-DBLAW (1-877-693-2529) or direct at 631-518-6131.

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