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Qualifying For SSDI Benefits If You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is often misunderstood, and each day is a battle for those who suffer from it. Thankfully, the SSA gives those suffering from this disorder the chance to apply for disability benefits as long as they provide evidence of their condition. If you suffer from this condition, understanding how to qualify for SSDI successfully can help you get the help you need to stay financially afloat.

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a systemic disorder in which someone suffers from profound fatigue that isn’t caused by overexertion or significantly relieved by rest. Because of the lower energy levels, they may have trouble engaging in work, social, or personal activities as they once did.

Some of the main symptoms of CFS include:

  • Severe fatigue
  • Sleep abnormalities
  • Body pain
  • Joint pain with no apparent causes
  • Tender lymph nodes
  • Lightheadedness

No matter your symptoms, CFS can significantly reduce your ability to perform routine tasks. Flare-ups are also unpredictable, which means you might have days when you’re doing okay and others when you won’t be able to leave your bed. For more severe cases, being regularly employed is almost impossible.

Is CFS In The SSA’s Blue Book?

The SSA’s Blue Book lists medical conditions that qualify for disability benefits. While it includes the most common disorders, newer ones like CFS won’t be under a separate category. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for benefits. The SSA recognizes it under its guidelines for evaluating chronic illnesses, so all you need to do is meet the requirements that demonstrate your condition’s severity and impact on your ability to work.

To qualify, you’ll need to show detailed medical evidence that you’ve been suffering from CFS for over six months. This proof can include your medical history, lab results, or anything else showing the disorder’s impact on your daily life. Each person with CFS experiences different symptoms, so ensure you have consistent medical records, including notes from your doctor, demonstrating the severity of your condition.

Steps To Filing A Disability Claim For CFS

Here is a step-by-step list of how to file your claim:

  • Document Your Diagnosis and Treatment: Keep detailed records of your medical visits, treatments, doctor’s notes, and treatment responses. The more evidence you have, the higher your chances of having a successful claim.
  • Detail Your Daily Limitations: Keep a detailed activity log of your everyday activities, including challenges and limitations. Whenever possible, have someone close to you, such as a spouse or family member, give a witness statement about your condition to strengthen your claim.
  • File Your Claim: Submit your application online, via phone, or in person at a local SSA office with all your documentation.
  • Prepare To Appeal: Roughly two-thirds of SSDI claims get rejected, especially for conditions like CFS. Be prepared to go through the appeals process with the help of a knowledgeable disability attorney.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Are you struggling to qualify for disability benefits due to CFS? Our New York social security disability attorneys understand how difficult it is to live with this medical condition without the financial support you deserve. We will help you gather evidence, complete your application, and represent you through the appeals process if needed. Please contact us online or at 855-813-3344 for a free consultation with our team today.

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