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Rosasco Elected to National Disability Attorney Association

I am humbled to have been recently elected by my colleagues to be their Second Circuit Court of Appeals representative on the NOSSCR Board of Directors.  I look forward to seeing many of them at our upcoming national disability lawyer conference in Phoenix, Arizona and representing the interests of all Social Security Disability claimants.  Remember – President  Bush still wants to privatize Social Security in his last two years in office.  We must prevent this ill-conceived idea.

For those of you who have never attended a NOSSCR conference, I strongly recommend that you do.  Not only are the Continuing Legal Education seminars of the highest quality, but the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the sharpest disability attorneys in the US is a great asset.  In fact, I am sure I would not have developed our ERISA and professional long term disability practice had it not been for attending an eye opening seminar given by California long term disability lawyer legend, Frank Darras, at a prior NOSSCR conference

Led by Executive Director Nancy Shor, NOSSCR is the  largest disability lawyer association in the United States and is well known to our representatives in Washington, DC for protecting the rights of Social Security Disability claimants.  As part of the NOSSCR leadership team, I am committed to preserving social security disability (SSD) and supplemental security income (SSI) benefits for all individuals with disability claims.    

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