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Finding Support

Becoming disabled is a stressful and oftentimes traumatic experience. In addition to dealing with all the legal red tape, there are many problems that may emerge with respect to a worker’s family and financial status. Fortunately Social Workers provide many services for people who are undergoing such hardships.

Social Workers can help workers and families deal with many of the changes in their lives and if need be refer affordable and accessible agencies to deal with long-term conflicts. In non-controverted cases, Social Workers can even help claimants receive ample benefits. They may also be able to help explain the more complicated aspects of a claimant’s case and even help the progression of proceedings. Once more, a Social Worker can help you by making referrals to local agencies and draw up new budget plans.

In the case of minors, Worker’s Compensation Judges may also appoint a Social Worker to evaluate the situation of the claimant and recommend to whom the award should be paid. They may also carefully monitor all cases involving minors to ensure that benefits are used to the minor’s advantage.

Social Workers will also partner up with the many rehabilitative agencies to help the claimant return to work.

All services are confidential and are generally provided at no cost to the claimant. Requests for such services can be made by contacting the local Worker’s Compensation Board Office.

A directory of New York State Social Service Departments can be found here.

For more information, refer to the Worker’s Compensation Board’s page on Social Services.

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