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The confidentiality of any and all documents pertaining to your case are protected under Worker’s Compensation Law. Only certain parties(including employers, insurance companies and either sides’ lawyers) may access information pertinent to your claim without written consent or a court-order. Your claim may also be viewed by government agencies who are processing claims for benefits or investigating fraud. Health workers may also access certain parts of your claim as a means of determining their payment for any operations or procedures. These parties are prohibited from sharing any information contained in your personal documents.

You may authorize another group or individual to view your information by filling out Form OC-110A or by submitting and original, notarized letter to the Worker’s Comp Board. These may be submitted at any time during the course of your claim. People generally do this at the early stages of their claim so as to allow families to keep track of their benefits.

It is illegal for any future employers to require the release of documents related to your case.


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