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Construction workers’ accidents: Worker pinned under 7-ton hammer

The high number of construction accidents in New York has been a subject of concern for safety authorities for some months. On a recent Wednesday morning, a construction worker in Queens miraculously escaped death in a construction workers’ accident that involved a 7-ton falling hammer. This man was incredibly lucky to suffer injuries that were not considered a threat to his life. 

Reportedly, the incident occurred at approximately 11 a.m. at a construction site in Kew Gardens. Under circumstances under investigation, the steel hammer fell on the construction worker’s legs. Responders were initially at a loss to figure out how to extricate the worker from under the massive steel object.

After contemplating the options of either lifting the hammer or digging the worker out from underneath, they chose the latter option. After digging for just under half an hour, enough space was created to remove the injured worker without exacerbating the injuries. Responders said the accident victim was fully conscious during the entire rescue process. He was then rushed to a hospital for treatment, and reports indicated that he was expected to survive.

The injuries caused by such a heavy object will most likely keep the victim away from work for a considerable period. of time. Victims of construction workers’ accidents in New York are typically entitled to pursue recovery of lost wages and medical expenses through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Temporary disability benefits — typically based on the injured worker’s basic weekly wage level — will cover the income lost during the recovery period.

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