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MetLife to Take Over Unum Long Term Disability Claims?

That’s the rumor in the latest business press.  Having just digested the giant Travelers Insurance, MetLife is apparently on the prowl for its next corporate meal, and Unum Group might be ripe for swallowing.   But what impact would such a acquisition have on individuals claiming long term disability benefits from the "new undisputed disability insurance king"?  Probably not much.

As it stands now, neither MetLife nor Unum Group are great claims payers.  In the last month, I’ve had employees of these companies come to my office for representation because their own employers unfairly denied their ERISA disability claims.  If this is how MetLife treats its own employees, can you imagine how you will be treated. These two titans are motivated primarily by shareholder profits, not policyholders interests.  From a long term disability lawyer’s perspective, it would be a perfect marriage in which both naysayers deserved each other.    But then again, it might be a good stock?!

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