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Long Term Disability Insurance Agent Stung by UnumProvident

How ironic? As reported in a great LA Times article, a woman who made $250,000 a year selling long term disability policies couldn’t collect herself when she put in a claim with UnumProvident due to her multiple sclerosis! Remember this is a woman who made the disability insurance companies tons of money by selling disability policies. You can’t fake MS- its a progressive neurological disease documented by lesions on brain MRI’s. If she has to wage a three year legal fight to get her benefits, what chance do you have? As I always tell my clients – better to plan and seek legal advice before you file your claim.
Thanks to John Wood and his excellent new ERISA long term disability law blog for bringing this article to our attention. The article is mandatory reading for anyone who wants the real scoop on UnumProvident and ERISA long term disability claims.

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