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Good Morning America Reports on CIGNA Disability Insurance Claim Denials


Good Morning America continues to report on the horrors that claimants experience fighting long term disability insurance companies throughout the country.  The video in this report is a must see for all members of Congress, and should at least give other disabled claimants comfort in knowing they are not alone.  Despite the positive Supreme Court  ERISA ruling in Glenn v. MetLife last week, Congress still needs to address both the delays and the harassment claimants must go through to get the disability benefits they deserve.

The two breast cancer cases where the claimants were denied benefits are both heartbreaking and maddening.  A young woman with breast cancer and children should not have to spend the last year of her life fighting a disability insurance claim.  It is just plain cruel.

Thanks to my South Florida colleague, Alicia Paulino-Grisham, for her great work on bringing these injustices to the attention of ABC News and Congress.  Last month I attended a disability insurance lawyer conference in Boston and had a chance to speak with Alicia and her partners.  With fighters like Alicia on our side, at least claimants stand a chance against the likes of CIGNA, MetLife and The Hartford.

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