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Disability Lawyer Rosasco Says Verizon Toxic Waste Site Unsafe

Once again, Mark Harrington of Newsday continues to do a superb job of  uncovering previously unreleased documents about the dangers still lurking in the soil and air surrounding the former Hicksville Sylvania nuclear fuel rod fabricating plant, now owned by Verizon.  Yesterday, he published the fourth article in an ongoing series about the Hicksville nuclear site and its impact on thousands of workers. Harrington details the most recent March 2007 Army Corps of Engineers report about the proposed future cleanup of this "dirty" site contaminated with both radiological waste and chemicals such as TCE and PCE. Updating the health of my client, the article goes on:

, DePascale’s Hauppauge-based attorney, said his client is preparing for surgery on May 17 to remove a tumor even as he recovers from the removal last month of half of the other lung. At the same time, he said, continued testing raises questions about assurances that the site was completely safe.  "It tells me that the State Department of Health…is operating fast and loose with data the US Army Corps says is missing" Rosasco said.

Despite winning his case after a trial over two months ago, Gerard DePascale is still without any workers’ compensation payments due to the frivolous appeal filed by his employer, Hudson News Group.   All the while, every day another present or former employee who worked at this toxic "glow in the dark" work site calls my office to get on the list of potential future plaintiffs in a future major litigation to provide medical monitoring for all those exposed.  Even if you are currently healthy, you may be entitled to future medical monitoring.  If you are currently sick, you may have additional legal remedies.  If you would like your name placed on the contact list for any future litigation or discuss any other potential claim, please call at 631-582-3700, ext. 123.



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