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Construction workers’ accidents: Fall causes head injuries

Fall accidents on construction sites in New York are common occurrences. Many such construction workers’ accidents cause death or traumatic injuries. Unfortunately, most falls are preventable if employers would comply with federal safety regulations. An unsafe work environment might have caused the fall that led to the critical injuries that a 39-year-old worker suffered in a neighboring state on a recent Wednesday afternoon.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s safety regulations prescribe that all construction workers who work at levels higher than three feet must wear fall protection to arrest falls. Furthermore, floor openings must be covered to prevent accidental falls on multilevel constructions. The reported incident involved a worker who stepped back while working on the second story of a residence under construction.

He fell through an opening and landed on a concrete floor in the basement, suffering serious injuries to his head. The rescue operation proved complicated because the stairs from the basement weren’t built. After borrowing a ladder from a neighbor, rescue workers lowered a basket-type stretcher and hoisted the injured worker to ground level. A helicopter then rushed him to the hospital.

The consequences of construction workers’ accidents that cause head injuries can adversely affect the ability of victims to continue working in the industry. The loss of income along with the high costs of medical treatment typically cause further hardship. Fortunately, the New York workers’ compensation insurance program offers benefits that will cover medical costs and income losses and provide support until the victim can return to work.

Source: Howell NJ Patch, “Worker Critically Injured After Falling Two Stories At Howell Construction Site: Police“, Karen Wall, Nov. 2, 2016

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