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Congressman Pete King on Social Security Disability

Unlike some of you, I got a thoughtful letter recently from Congressman Peter King (R – Seaford) on the Social Security Disability program. I had written him on behalf of all my disability clients who were scared that they might lose their social security benefits as part of the President’s privatization reform. Congressman King wrote that:

“the White House has made clear that any reform legislation would fully protect and maintain disability benefits.”

He went on to add that he:

“will work to ensure that full disability payments are continued.”

Sounds good to me.
King, who boxes for fun and fitness, has been taking some glancing blows recently in Newsday over various letters he has written to constituents. Now I’m a longtime fan of Peter King, especially when he bucked his own Party and rightly supported Senator John McCain over then Governor Bush for President in 2000.
But even I had a problem with the tone of his letters. We’ve come to expect and admire straight talk from Pete King – he doesn’t feed his constituents the pablum we so often hear from members of Congress. But the letters printed in Newsday did seem beneath him.
People have an absolute right to be scared of the President’s privatization plan for Social Security Disability. It does not address the Social Security solvency problem, while placing additional risk on young Americans. Those under age 55 can plan on paying higher taxes to receive smaller guaranteed benefits. So much for security, unless your the King!

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