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CBS News Special Report on Social Security Disability Claim Backlog

Last night the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric unveiled the first of two special reports on the Social Security Disability claim backlog.  My friend and fellow Social Security Disability lawyer, John Hogan, was interviewed and spoke of the 2 1/2 year wait for a hearing in the Atlanta area!  When you see the disabled claimant’s profiled in this report, you will realize how cruel and unacceptable such waits are. 

I suppose that we should be thankful that the hearing wait in the New York metropolitan region is only 18 months!???  But it is hard to feel this way when you see clients losing their homes while they wait for the disability benefits they paid for and deserve.  Sadly, some of my clients have died before they get their hearings.  Hopefully, Congress will listen to this report and fund Social Security properly so that future claims can be expedited. Catch Part 2 of the CBS special report tonight at 6:30 pm EST by clicking here.  Thanks for your concern, Katie!

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