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Contact a New York Construction Accident Lawyer if You Suffer a Welding Accidents

Welding is an essential component of the construction industry and is required for almost all large-scale projects. But welding is a skill that is difficult to master, often requiring years of training to become even proficient. It can also be dangerous, and not just for novices — even professional welders suffer accidents and injuries. Such injuries can take a significant financial strain on welders, as they can keep them out of work for months or weeks while they recover. When welders suffer an on-the-job injury in New York or Long Island, they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. 

Types of Welding Accidents

Welding is a skilled trade that involves a few specific types of accidents. Some of the most common welding accidents include: 

  • Electric shock: Welding works by using an electrical arc to melt pieces of metal to join them together. As such, electric shocks are a very common type of welding accident. They can be caused by the welder itself or through a secondary shock, wherein the welder touches part of the welding circuit simultaneously as his body touches a part of the material he is welding.
  • Fires and explosions: Welding occurs at high temperatures and can cause burns if the worker’s body touches the welder itself or the material with which he is working. Burns can also occur if sparks cause nearby items and debris to catch fire or explode. 
  • Eye injuries: The electric arc produced by the welder emits ultraviolet and infrared radiation that can cause flash burns to the worker’s eyes. Also known as “welder’s flash” or “arc eye,” this radiation causes a sunburn-like injury that can result in a loss of vision. 
  • Hearing injuries: Welding can cause a great deal of noise, and long-term exposure can result in hearing loss. 
  • Challenging work environments: Welders are often required to work long hours in dark, wet, or cramped environments (and sometimes even underwater). These working conditions are fertile ground for accidents. 

Protect Yourself From Danger

The most effective protection against welding accidents is proper training and experience, but even the most skilled workers are not immune to accidents. Welders should also utilize safety equipment, including flame-resistant fabrics, a full metal helmet, and ear protection. Before working, welders should inspect their equipment to ensure that it is safe to use and warn others in the area to keep a safe distance.  

What to Do After a Welding Accident

If you are injured in a welding accident, you should first seek medical attention. Once you have received the appropriate treatment, you should report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. You should then begin the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim. While you are not required to hire an attorney to file a workers’ compensation claim, doing so can increase your chances of obtaining the full amount of benefits to which you are entitled. 

Contact a New York and Long Island Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

For more information about the benefits available to you or for assistance with filing a claim, please contact a New York and Long Island workers’ compensation lawyer at Turley, Redmond and Rosasco by using our online form or calling us at 877-693-2529, 516-745-5666 (Garden City), 631-582-3700 (Ronkonkoma), or 631-399-0400 (Shirley).

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