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Crane Accidents

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Helping You Obtain Workers Compensation for Injuries Resulting From Crane Accidents

Construction is booming in New York and the surrounding suburbs. Thus, cranes teetering on the edges of tall buildings have become a common sight. As cranes proliferate, so do the dangers they pose to construction workers and the public. Turley Redmond & Rosasco focuses our practice on injury damages and benefits. Our attorneys assess all options available to you after a crane accident, including workers’ compensation, Social Security disability (SSD) and personal injury lawsuit, to help you recover the maximum compensation possible.

Causes of Crane Accidents

Developers are under pressure to finish products under budget and on time. To do so, they sometimes cut corners on costly equipment maintenance and operation. This lax attitude has resulted in a number of serious crane accidents that have killed and injured numerous workers and pedestrians. Investigations of recent crane accidents in New York have uncovered shoddy practices.

Some of the most recent crane incidents and their contributing factors include:   

  • High winds blew down an improperly secured crane onto the street below
  • A weak beam came loose and crushed a flagman and the operator in the crane cab
  • A defective crane dropped its load onto a structure, which collapsed onto the workers inside
  • A crane collapsed and the operator in the cab plummeted to the street when a faulty replacement part failed
  • A crane collapsed when a piece of steel fell and sheared off a girder that held the crane to the building

Your Rights After a Crane Accident

New York requires employers to maintain workers’ compensation policies. Your employer’s insurance policy gives you immediate access to emergency and ongoing treatment, as well as lost wages. Typically, workers’ compensation laws bar employees from suing their employers. However, New York law makes an exception to this general rule for construction workers. NY Scaffold Law imposes absolute liability on employers and property owners for injuries to construction workers on the site.

In addition, you may have a claim against other negligent parties. For one, you may have a valid claim against a manufacturer that produced defective parts. Also, the crane may be owned by an outside equipment company and leased by the contractor, in which case you may have claims against the property owner, your employer, and its vendors. We typically sue multiple parties to increase the damages you are awarded.

Consult With Our Long Island Construction Accident Lawyers for Assistance Obtaining Your Due Damages

Your employer has a duty to provide a safe worksite. If you were injured by a defective crane or generally unsafe workplace operations, the Long Island crane accident lawyers at Turley Redmond & Rosasco can help you recover your rightful damages. Your case consultation is free, so contact us today to schedule a consultation.  We have office locations in Garden City, Shirley, and Ronkonkoma.  

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