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Testimony Concerning Your Mental Symptoms

New York Disability Attorney Prepares You For Testimony Concerning Your Mental Symptoms

If your disability is one that entails mental symptoms, the questions that will be posed to you will be used in an effort to get you to speak about those symptoms. For instance, after inquiring about whether or not you have a specific symptom, if you respond in the affirmative, you will then be asked to talk about it in greater detail. A competent New York Social Security disability attorney like the attorneys at Turley Redmond & Rosasco can further advise you on how to go about explaining your impairments.

One of the most important things for you to remember is that you should speak openly about your symptoms in order for the judge to make a fair evaluation of your qualifications for the purpose of receiving disability benefits. For example, if stress is one of your issues, you will be asked about the specific types of things that you consider to be stressful, as your New York Social Security disability attorney can explain. You may also be asked to provide examples of stressful things, as well as a description of what takes place when you are under stressful situations.

With regard to work and stress, you might be asked certain questions about your job and some of the aspects of it that can cause stress, such as: deadlines, having to work within a certain schedule, completing certain tasks, working with other people, performing complex or difficult work, maintaining a production level or speed, fear of criticism, and staying at work for a whole day.

The Social Security Administration normally takes the position that normal repetitive work equals low-stress work. However, a lot of people find certain aspects of that type of work to be stressful, such as: the repetitiveness of routines, the lack of an ability to make decisions on their own, the under-utilization of skills, the lack of meaningful work, and the fact that there is very little chance to learn new things in those types of jobs.

If you currently suffer from mental symptoms and are seeking to obtain disability benefits for those symptoms, you should not hesitate to call a skilled New York Social Security disability attorney to help you with your case. Call the attorneys at Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. for a free consultation at 877-693-2529.

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