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Some Quick Suggestions For Dealing With the Courts System

1. Look sharp, try not to dress like a slob and be well groomed.

2. Treat everyone with respect. Don’t call anyone dude or lady. Sir and ma’am will do just fine.

3.  Tell the truth. Everything you say in court is recorded and could very well come back to bite you in the foot if you change your story. If that happens, there goes the foundation of your case.

4. If you don’t know the answer to a question, that is fine. Its always better to admit you are unsure or unaware than to just make something up.

5. If a question can be answered with a mere “yes” or “no” than by all means do so. You don’t want to volunteer more information than was requested. Use as few words as possible and avoid asking questions.

6. Be very clear when speaking and do not nod or shake your head when asked a question. The court reporter may not understand.

7. If you do not understand a question ask that it be repeated. Be aware that some questions may have double meanings.

8. Think before you speak.

9. DO NOT lose your temper. It may cost you the case.

10.  If your lawyer objects to a question, stop talking. Your lawyer will tell you whether or not to answer the question after objecting.

11. The opposing lawyer has the right to question you. Do not argue with him.That’s your lawyer’s job.

12. Depositions are very serious proceedings. Do not try to be friendly or joke around.

13. Remember, your lawyer may not tell you what to say. They may only advise that you answer truthfully.

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