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Dewey Defeats Truman – ObamaCare Upheld !

Who would have thunk it?!  Not one talking head "legal scholar" on CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC etc.  predicted that Conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, appointed by President George W. Bush, would save President Obama’s signature piece of legislation.  

CNN and Fox even flubbed the initial reporting on Twitter, posting that the individual mandate was struck down – only to issue corrections later.   In their mad rush to report the decision, CNN and Fox simply did not read the whole thing before blabbering away in the Twitter-sphere.  Another Dewey beats Truman moment!  I hear D.C. summer schools are now enrolling students in Journalism 101.

In any case, the full Supreme Court ObamaCare decision is here.  We will report more on how the Affordable Care Act may impact on Social Security disability recipients who are covered by Medicare in another post soon.   

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