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How Do Protected And Stabilized Ratings Help Veterans?

Getting your VA disability claim approved requires a lot of time and effort. But even when you’re assigned a rating, there is no guarantee that your benefits are permanent. The VA can also reexamine your case whenever they please. But when you receive a protected or stabilized rating, you have a higher chance of keeping your benefits for much longer without VA interference.

How Often Does A VA Rating Change?

Unless you have a permanent disability during your initial rating, the VA can reevaluate your case based on how you’ve progressed over time. If the VA thinks your health has improved or is less severe than initially diagnosed, they can request a reevaluation of your service-related condition. On the other hand, the VA will protect your rating if they see that your medical situation has stayed the same or deteriorated over time.

How Does Stabilized VA Rating Work?

A stabilized VA rating works when your medical condition has stayed the same after a minimum of five years or more. During the trial period, the VA may subject the veteran to multiple reevaluations to keep track of their progress. One examination is all it takes for your VA rating to change. But once your five-year trial is over, the VA can only change your rating if you’re showing steady improvements in your health. 

What Is A Protected Rating?

You’ll receive a protected rating if your service connection has stayed the same for ten years or more. Once you cross this threshold, the VA can’t terminate your disability benefits. However, the payout you receive can still change if the VA reduces your disability rating after an examination. After 20 years, VA can only lower your rating if you’ve committed fraud.  

What Happens If You’re Scheduled For A Reexamination?

When the VA schedules a reexamination, they do it as a way to evaluate your service-related medical condition and see if there are any improvements. You need to attend the session or reschedule for another date at least 48 hours or more in advance.

During the exam, the doctor will ask questions about your condition or conduct an exam to check your progress. After it’s over, the examiner will send your results over to a VA representative, and they’ll have the final say over your disability rating. You can review your claim status online or speak with a representative directly by calling 1-800-827-1000.  

Win Your Claim With The Help Of Our Attorneys

Even after years of receiving benefits, your VA disability claim may completely change over time. One exam is all it takes to get your compensation reduced or even terminated altogether. But once your cross a certain time threshold, the VA is much less likely to revoke your benefits or lower your rating.

If you believe the VA has unfairly revoked your disability benefits or reduced your rating, our professional veterans’ disability attorneys are here to help you. Please contact us using our online intake form or call our office at 855-208-7852 to schedule a free trial consultation today.

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