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Bush Social Security Plan Dead?

I wouldn’t bet on it. Despite dwindling support in his own party and the public in general, the President has shown in the past that he is a stubborn and resilent fighter for his policies. Rather than folding up shop and licking his wounds, he has announced a new multi-state push to convince the American public that his way is the better way to fix Social Security. His biggest nemesis, AARP, will surely be nipping at his heels after every stop and trying to undercut his proposal for “private” (or shall we say “personal”) accounts. For entertaining bashing on both sides of the Social Security Reform issue, visit There Is No Crisis and Social Security Choice.
Even if the President’s privatization plan fails, there will most likely be some sort of Social Security reform in the next year. Advocates for disabled workers must see to it that the Social Security Disability program isn’t left on the cutting room floor when all the smoke clears. We will have to lobby all our friends in Congress to make sure that they protect the most vulnerable among us & the disabled. As with most things, the devil is in the details. There are more than a few pitchfork carrying souls lurking in the halls of Congress who would love to gut the disability program. With all the discussion about private accounts, let’s also keep an eye on the disability insurance program.

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