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If you are disabled, or more specifically, if you are incapable of working, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits of up to $2,788 per month.  Submitting a successful application for SSDI requires an understanding of the procedures and factors that go into the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) award determination. Our Suffolk County Social Security law firm can help you complete and submit your application, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding your situation.

SSDI Application: What to Include

An SSDI application should include the following:

  • Education
  • Work history
  • Medical records supporting disability claim
  • Vocational records and testimony supporting claim

Appealing the SSA Decision

It is important to note that a positive result is not always guaranteed, even if you have submitted a comprehensive and well-supported application.  According to recent data, roughly 78 percent of initial claims are denied.  The SSA denies or undervalues claims for various reasons, some of which are justified and others are not.  Fortunately, SSDI applicants have multiple opportunities to appeal adverse decisions.

For instance, if your claim for benefits has been denied for a lack of medical evidence or weak vocational testimony, you may resubmit the application with the necessary supportive evidence.  On the other hand, if you feel that your initial application was strong enough to justify the benefits award, you can request an appeal within 60 days of the adverse decision. Our Suffolk County Social Security law firm can help you draft the necessary documents.

First, you may request either a reconsideration of the initial application.  Thereafter, you may request a hearing by an administrative law judge (ALJ) who was not involved in the original determination or the reconsideration.  if the ALJ denies your claim, you may request a review by the Appeals Council, who has the power to reverse the ALJ decision or remand the case to back to the ALJ for further review.

Finally, if the decision of the Appeals Council is disagreeable, or if they choose not to review the claim, you may bring a civil action in federal court.

Contact Turley, Redmond, Rosasco & Rosasco for Assistance From Our Proven Suffolk County Social Security Law Firm

Pursuing SSDI benefits may seem simple and straightforward upon first impression, but it can be quite challenging if the SSA chooses to deny your application and create further roadblocks to recovery.

We can help.

The lawyers at Turley, Redmond, Rosasco & Rosasco, LLP have decades of experience working with SSDI claimants at every stage of the process, from submitting an application to appealing the SSA’s denial and litigating the case in federal court. As such, we understand what is necessary to effectively secure the benefits you deserve.

Ready to move forward?  Call us at 877-693-2529 or complete an online intake form through our website to arrange for a free initial consultation with one of our skilled Suffolk County Social Security lawyers.  We operate multiple locations, including offices in Ronkonkoma, Riverhead, and Shirley.




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