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Workplace injuries par for the course at some factories

A New York manufacturer of animal bedding made from wood shavings is once again the subject of Occupational Safety and Health Administration citations. On this occasion, the company faces proposed fines of almost $60,000. This follows two inspections that were carried out in November and February. The agency says the company has a history of exposing employees to workplace injuries, with three penalties issued since 2013.

The November inspection involved a log that rolled onto an employee, who suffered hip and leg injuries, sending him to the hospital. Investigators determined that the company failed to install the necessary safety equipment to a wood shaving machine. The incident, which occurred during the clearing of a jam, could have been prevented had the required safety devices been present.

Further details of the company’s safety record revealed that at least six fires have broken out in as many years. However, the firm was sold in January, and the new owners intend to make multiple changes — claiming the record of safety violations is that of the previous owners. They say their plans include new packaging lines and upgraded equipment.

Employees who are used to being exposed to environments in which workplace injuries are prevalent likely live with constant anxiety about their safety. Injuries that keep breadwinners away from work can have an adverse impact on the financial stability of their families. Fortunately, any medical expenses and lost income in New York can be claimed from the workers’ compensation insurance program. While they recuperate, many injured employees secure the services of an experienced workers’ comp attorney to navigate benefits claims for them.

Source:, “Kingsbury company fined again by OSHA after worker injury“, Don Lehman, June 2, 2017

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