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Workplace accidents: Window washer electrocuted in cherry picker

Workers who work at heights face multiple hazards, regardless of their occupations. Those in New York and other states who wash the windows of high-rises put their lives on the line for every job they do. The dangers that window washers face are frequently underscored by tragic workplace accidents like the one that happened on a recent Tuesday morning that claimed the life of a worker in a neighboring state.

According to authorities, the deceased man was a 46-year-old employee of a private company. Emergency crews were dispatched to the scene at approximately 10 a.m. An incident report indicates that the man was in the bucket of a cherry picker from where he was washing windows. Reportedly, the cherry picker made contact with an overhead power line that carried 23,000 volts of electricity.

A witness described seeing the man in the bucket engulfed in flames. Crews from the power company also responded to the scene because the power cables were still live. Sadly, the son of the victim was part of the team of window washers that was at the scene that morning. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration arrived at the scene to determine the circumstances that led to the electrocution of this man.

Following the deaths of loved ones in workplace accidents, surviving family members can pursue financial assistance. This can help them cope with the high costs related to end-of-life arrangements and daily living expenses in the aftermath of the tragedy. In New York, death benefits can be claimed from the workers’ compensation insurance program. Many families choose to seek the support and guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Window Washer Electrocuted In Oakland”, May 23, 2017

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