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Workplace accidents: Food factory grinder mangles worker’s hand

Workers in food manufacturing plants are typically exposed to amputation hazards. Some employees are fortunate enough to work for employers who prioritize their safety. However, thousands of others must risk potential workplace accidents because of unsafe work environments.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation into the compliance with regulations of a Brooklyn manufacturer of hummus and other kosher foods. The New York Fire Department received an emergency call from the factory shortly after midday on a recent Friday. Responders arrived to find an employee with a severely injured hand, and they rushed him to a hospital. Reportedly, the worker — who is in his 50s — was working with a fish grinder when the apparently unguarded machine sucked in his hand.

OSHA says this company recently paid a settlement amount to an employee who suffered a hand injury when working on another grinder in 2012. According to the agency’s records, the company received 20 safety violation citation after a previous investigation. Some of those citations were for the lack of safeguards involving working machine parts and the absence of devices to isolate energy during maintenance or cleaning of equipment.

Workers should not have to put their limbs on the line for a paycheck. Any workplace accidents that involve working machine parts can lead to amputations or other disabilities. Although the New York workers’ compensation system covers most employees in the state, an injured victim may struggle to recover more than just the medical expenses and lost income. However, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can fight for all applicable benefits to cover additional expenses that were brought about by the injuries.

Source:, “Worker Mangles Hand in East Williamsburg Kosher Food Factory: Officials“, Gwynne Hogan, Nov. 28, 2016

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