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Workplace accidents: construction worker killed on the job

Working construction in New York can be a dangerous profession in spite of all the safety precautions most companies implement. Whether the result of a fall, faulty equipment or simply human error, workplace accidents can cause serious injuries or even lead to fatalities. This proved true for one construction worker who was recently killed on the job while working at a high school.

According to reports, the construction company was at the high school campus to conduct some external repairs. The primary focus of these repairs was the installation of brick cladding to the exterior of the building. The company indicated that this had been an ongoing project. Though reports do not reveal exactly how the accident happened, they do state that the victim was working with a boom lift when he died.

The construction company reported that while a tragedy, this was the only accident to occur during these renovations to the high school. They assured the public that the construction site as well as the school campus were currently safe and secure. The local sheriff’s office and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are now investigating the incident.

When fatalities occur on the job, the families of the victims may be able to seek financial aid to help deal with end-of-life expenses such as funeral costs or unexpected loss of income. This aid can be obtained by successfully filing a worker’s compensation claim. An experienced New York attorney can help those affected by workplace accidents by providing guidance to families and assisting them in the filing process.

Source:, “Construction worker killed while making repairs at Rock Hill HS”, Mar. 5, 2017

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