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Workers’ compensation benefits your attorney may obtain for you

Injured New York workers may be overwhelmed or feel intimidated by the complexities of a workers’ compensation claim. Many victims of workplace accidents choose to seek guidance from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to clarify the benefits to which they may be entitled. Each accident is different, and such a professional will assess the circumstances of each incident before suggesting the way forward.

Your primary concern may be the high medical costs and loss of income. These two benefits are relatively common to claims, and the extent and severity of injuries may affect the compensation. Lost income is typically compensated by weekly payments that are based on your average weekly income, including bonuses and overtime. Reasonable medical care, including rehabilitation, would be paid; however, if your injury caused the loss of a limb, you may qualify for additional compensation. This covers the permanent loss of the use of any body part and includes the loss of a sense such as hearing or vision.

One section of the workers’ compensation law that may need the guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer covers lump sum settlements, which are often negotiated in cases where medical care will be necessary for the remainder of the victim’s life. It involves buyouts and preservation of medical insurance. The experience of legal counsel can assist severely injured victims in making informed decisions that would protect their interests. In the unfortunate event of a worker’s death in a workplace accident, his or her surviving family members may claim death benefits. Benefits will be based upon the deceased worker’s average weekly wages earned prior to death.

Injured workers in New York may find comfort in knowing that our law firm will do whatever is legally possible to ensure full and fair compensation. We pride ourselves in affording each victim individual attention and determine the impact the injury had on his or her life before recommending appropriate legal action. While the above information is only a summary of workers’ compensation benefits, our website will provide answers to any additional questions you may have.

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