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TRR – Navigating The New Normal

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Bill Turley, one of the senior partners at Turley, Redmond and Rosasco. And our offices, our three big offices, Garden City, Ronkonkoma and Shirley have been open since July 8 with a somewhat limited staff. But, we are slowly but surely getting everybody back to work in the offices. And as of next week, everybody will be back, with the exception of one or two people who were working remotely before the COVID pandemic. So, we will be fully staffed in the office as of next week.

We are still not seeing clients in the office. We’re still a couple of steps away from that. But, you can still drop off papers at the office, as long as you mask-up when you come into the office. And, we can still do our intakes through the phone and using emails and faxes, preferably email. We are still doing our hearings virtually and remotely. That’s with the Social Security Administration, Workers’ Comp and Veterans Administration as well. Everything’s being done virtually. I think it’s going to be a while if we do at all get back to live, in-person hearings. But, it’s working out quite well. And, you know, we’re very happy about that.

And, the office is very safe I believe. We are adhering to all of New York State guidelines. When everybody’s here in the office, we all have to walk in one direction. And you see we have these yellow arrows on the floor telling us which way to go. We are practicing social distancing. Any time we’re out in the common areas we have to wear our mask. And I’m always wearing mine when I’m out in the common areas. I got this at The Gap. And so yeah, we are being very careful, and we’re being mindful of all the guidelines that have been issued by New York state.

And who knows? If we get a vaccine at some point, maybe we’ll all be back to normal. But, I think we’re way off from that. But anyway, if you need us to help you with workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, veterans benefits, you can call us at the main office here 631-582-3700. And, hope to hear from you. And, thanks for watching.

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