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Off The Record – Workers’ Comp – On and Off The Job Injuries

Video Transcript

Hi. So today, I wanted to touch base with people about on the job injuries versus off the job injuries. As you can see, I injured my finger here. It was not here at work, but it was at home. And sometimes people call us and they say, you know, “What can I do, I hurt myself at home? What’s my recourse in terms of work, in terms of insurance?” So first of all, if you get an injury at home, you can use your…if you have private health insurance, you can use that for treatment, or you can go to an urgent care center, many of them will see you, even the emergency room, anyone will see you without insurance, but you have to work with them in terms of payments.

The other thing is you can file for…if you have to be out of work, you can file for short-term disability through New York State. There’s a forum called the DB-450 online, which can be found actually on the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board website. We do assist people with those things. If you need to call, we can guide you through filling out that form. There’s a section that you have to complete. There’s things that the doctor has to fill out. And that would allow you $170 a week in compensation for that injury that occurred off the job. It’s not as much as workers’ compensation would allow, but it’s, you know, somewhat of a buffer if for some reason you run into that problem. But I do tell people to call us, you know, no matter what, even if you have an injury at home, whether it’s a finger injury that might prevent you from working for a little bit of time, or something more significant. I do suggest that you call and just get some guidance to navigate that because it is important, and you wanna make sure you get all your paperwork filled out correctly.

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