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Off The Record – Veterans’ Disability – Service Animals

Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Janet Santeramo. I’m a partner here at Turley Redmond & Rosasco, and I am here with my new friend Finn [SP], who I’ve adopted through a great veteran’s organization, Paws of War. They have locations in Florida, and they also have one here on Long Island. And I’ll say they’re a great group of people. Although Finn is not a certified service animal, he is in fact a companion dog. He does bring a lot of peace to me when I’m holding him as you can see. He’s just a really sweet boy.

A lot of the organizations that do provide service animals for veterans or companion animals for veterans, I mean, particularly Paws of War, they provide anything that you could possibly need to get a great start with your new pet. They sent me with some food for Finn because they obviously know what he should be eating, what he likes to eat. They sent him with a bed, his own little crate, some leashes. He’s just the best boy. And not only do they do work for veterans, but they do work for the community in helping some of these pets that have had less-than-ideal living situations find really good homes. So, if you’re a veteran and think you may benefit from a pet, and I know many that would, you might wanna reach out to your local organization and adopt one. See, obviously, Finn’s pretty comfortable today. But yep, just some food for thought.

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