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Off The Record: TRR Veterans’ Death Benefits

Video Transcript

Linda: So, I got a call today from one of our clients’ wives. Our client has passed away. So, she wants to know how we can continue and what information we can get for her as far as…

Janet: …where does she go from here?

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Janet: Yeah. Well, we need to have her fill out a Substitution of Party, because his claim was not completely resolved. And, if nobody steps in as a substituted party, the claim will eventually just lay dormant. We should also send her the appropriate forms so she can get reimbursement for any funeral expenses she laid out, if she chooses to go that way. Or, if she chooses to have him buried in a military cemetery, she can certainly do that. If she looks to get reimbursed, she can also seek reimbursement for a headstone.

I know that they have certain things that you can have actually put on the headstone. And, the same thing would come into play if he was buried in a military cemetery. They can also get the plaque, the square plaque, and they can put that there as well.

Linda: Okay. The marker…

Janet: Yes.

Linda: …for his grave? Okay.

Janet: They can do that. And also, let’s see. What else would she be entitled to? Well, obviously the flag.

Linda: Right. The flag is draped on the coffin.

Janet: Yeah. Usually the best way to do that is to have them contact the local reserve units. A lot of times, if you have say a Marine, you would contact the local Marine Reserve unit, and a lot of times they will dispatch a funeral detail.

Yeah. Sometimes they just want the flag. Sometimes they prefer to have a funeral detail. So, it’s really up to the family how they want to proceed.

Linda: Okay. So I’ll get those forms and I’ll get them out to her then.

Janet: Yeah. Probably the sooner she gets them back to us probably the better.

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