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Off The Record: TRR Veterans’ Benefits For Families

Video Transcript

Linda: So, for spousal benefits, we would have to get the veteran 30% or more?

Janet: Yes. And then, the spouse. And if they have any children, they may also be entitled to benefits based upon the amount the veteran’s receiving.

Linda: The veterans receive. Okay. And 30% is the magic number. We can get them more and that increases the..

Janet: Well, we would try to.

Linda: …family benefit?

Janet: Yes. We would obviously try to get them to get more than the 30%. But, 30% is the magic number. So, if they’re only getting 20, there is not going to be any family benefits attached to that. Thirty percent, family benefits attached.

Linda: That’s the magic number.

Janet: Yep.

Linda: Okay. Now, the dependents have status, status of dependents. That would have to be filed at the time of the application, or can that be added on later on?

Janet: Well, it’s always better if it gets filed along with the application. It’s inevitable. If you know they have dependents, and even if we’re trying to get them more, as far as percentage, we might as well file that as well. So, if they come to us with 10% or 20% benefit, we’ll have them fill that out just the same. When the increase does come in then…

Linda: Right. They’re already on file. We don’t have to refile it.

Janet: And then, the benefits will go right through the minute they hit.

Linda: Perfect.

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