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Off The Record: TRR SSD How Long Does it Take

Video Transcript

Bill: How are you doing?

Karen: Not too bad, Bill.

Bill: Good.

Karen: How are you?

Bill: Good. You know, I heard from somebody this morning. And, I think we took her case in January, and she’s been out of work since September. And, she was asking me how long it might take for her to hear something from Social Security. What do you think?

Karen: Usually we see Social Security makes their decision around four to six months it usually takes. Sometimes they can take a little longer, but generally we see four to six months.

Bill: Okay. Now, are there any instances where they’ll expedite things?

Karen: The only time that they would is if it’s a Compassionate Allowance claim.

Bill: Okay. What’s that?

Karen: That’s for people who may have stage four or five cancers, or other rare diseases that could be expedited that way.

Bill: So now, if this person gets a denial, then what’s the next step there, and how long does that take?

Karen: So, the next step would be a reconsideration, which is a second administrative review. That usually takes about four months, we’re noticing.

Bill: Okay. And then, I understand if you go on to the hearing process, how long is that going to take?

Karen: Well, that can take longer, unfortunately, because now at this point you’re waiting to see an administrative law judge. So, we are experiencing 18 months or longer for our hearing dates on Long Island. So, it can take a while.

Bill: All right. So, you know what? If you don’t mind, I’m just going to give you her information and you can call her back.

Karen: Oh sure. Be my pleasure.

Bill: Okay. Very good. All right. Thanks.

Karen: Thanks, Bill.

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