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Off the Record: Revising your Veterans’ Disability Rating

Video Transcript

Bill: I got a call today from somebody who got a disability rating from the Veterans administration. And it was 20%, 30%, something like that. And it sounds to me, like, there’s something wrong there. I spoke to him and he’s got a lot of orthopedic problems, but it seems to me, like, they completely overlooked his PTSD, which seems to be a major problem. I’m wondering if we can help him.

Janet: Well, we actually might be able to help him. We probably want to get his entire service record book. First part of it, including where he’s been, how long he was there, and then his medical records from service. Because if there is something there, if he’s treating for it now, we should be able to connect that up. And then we may be able to get him a higher rating. It’s been my experience that most of the time, once we pull the records, I’m finding that a lot of things that should’ve been alleged initially, maybe, weren’t or, in fact, were overlooked by the VA.

Bill: Well, I think he’s coming in next week, so…

Janet: Okay. So we’ll get them all squared away and on the right path.

Bill: Good.

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