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Without you Sir, I would have been a lost case. I will not forget all you have done for me.

B.R., Queens

Off The Record – Injured Workers Bar Association

Video Transcript

Hi. Bill Turley from Turley Redmond & Rosasco. This past January 2022, I concluded my term as president of the Injured Workers Bar Association. It was a three-year term, it should have been a two-year term but because of Covid, I spent an extra year. But it was really my pleasure to do the job, and they gave me this neat little plaque here to commemorate my service there, and very much appreciated. And, you know, I have dedicated my career to fighting for the rights of injured and disabled people and protecting the working people of New York state, and so it really was kind of a labor of love serving as president for this organization and…yeah, it was a great three years. So if you have any questions or issues involving workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability, or veterans’ claims, look us up on the web, This is Bill Turley. Thank you.

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