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New York Workers Compensation Lawyers – TURLEY REDMOND & ROSASCO, L.L.P.

Video Transcript

William: We handle all workers’ compensation claims. That could be anything from a slip and fall at work, a lifting incident, an occupational disease, repetitive stress claims. We also handle heart attack and stroke cases.

Christopher: The first steps a client should take following an injury at work are to notify their employer promptly that they have been injured on the job. Next, they should seek out medical attention immediately, notifying the first doctor that this accident happened at work. Lastly, they should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to learn their legal rights.

Craig: Some of the misconceptions that our clients have upon coming for the initial consultation is they believe they have to be out of work in order to have a workers’ compensation case. That is not true. Additionally, sometimes they think that they have to be on the books in order to have a workers’ compensation case and likewise that is not the scenario.

William: There are a number of misconceptions about eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. These days the system has become so complicated that it is in an injured worker’s best interest to at least consult with an attorney about their claim.

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