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New York Construction Site Accident Lawyers – TURLEY REDMOND & ROSASCO, L.L.P.

Video Transcript

Christopher: At Turley Redmond Rosasco and Rosasco, the concerns of our construction site accident clients are: How am I going to get paid for lost wages? How long is it going to take to get paid? How and where am I going to receive medical treatment for my injuries?

Troy: The most common causes of construction accidents that may result in an additional lawsuit are things such as falling scaffolds, people who are injured on ladders and people who are injured by defective construction equipment. How the incident occurred oftentimes tells us whether or not you, in fact, have the right to a separate lawsuit in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.

Craig: The attorneys at Turley Redmond Rosasco and Rosasco have great experience in untangling complex construction site accidents. There is a section of the law, actually several sections of the law, section 200, 240 and 241 which provide additional protection to injured workers so that they may be entitled to a lawsuit in addition to their compensation case.

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