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Toxic exposure at work can have a toxic effect on your life

All New York workers have the right to a workplace that is free from hazards and unnecessary threats to their health, including exposure to toxic substances. While any type of employee could face exposure to things that may cause significant harm to his or her health, those who do experience sickness or disease because of this have the right to recovery. 

Whether it was using cleaning supplies over time or direct exposure to dangerous chemicals, you may have a claim to workers’ compensation benefits. If your injury or illness is a result of your job duties or an accident that occurred at work, you have a valid claim to this type of financial support.

Types of injuries related to toxic exposure

Toxic exposure can cause harm in various different ways, but they can all be serious and have a permanent effect on your long-term health. Some people who suffered from hazardous exposure may find that they suffer from the following:

  • Burns, both on the skin and internally in the lungs
  • Lung damage resulting in asthma and other pulmonary issues
  • Brain damage resulting in permanent damage and other side effects

Even exposure to just a small amount of chemicals or exposure for just a short amount of time can have devastating consequences.

Preventing hazards in the workplace

Every employer has the responsibility of implementing and enforcing safety measures. When it comes to decreasing the chance of toxic exposure or limiting the effects, employers can protect their workers with the following:

  • Providing personal safety equipment such as masks and protective clothing
  • Providing the equipment needed for proper ventilation
  • Substitution of dangerous processes or chemicals with less harmful ones
  • Isolation of potential hazards
  • Implementing safe operating procedures

Those who work in potentially hazardous situations would be wise to know their rights in case they suffer harm, as well as what to do to minimize the risk that an accident will happen.

The workers’ compensation you deserve

If exposed to dangerous materials, chemicals or any type of toxic substance at work, you would have valid reasons to move forward with a workers’ compensation claim. This cannot undo what you suffered, but these benefits can help you deal with the financial challenges associated with medical care, lost wages and other physical needs.

Unfortunately, the workers’ comp claims process is complex and fraught with challenges. You do not have to deal with these issues on your own, but may turn to the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney to help you deal with any challenges and fight for the recovery you deserve.

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