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Spitzer Meets with Workers Compensation Alliance

Monday, April 11, 2005

On April 6, 2005, New York State Attorney General (and candidate for Governor) Eliot Spitzer met with the Workers Compensation Alliance in Albany to discuss problems injured workers have with the current Workers Compensation Board. My partner Bill Turley attended this important meeting, which included some of the top workers compensation attorneys and union officials in New York State.
Attorney General Spitzer was both engaging and informed. You could tell he did his homework prior to the meeting. He stated that if he is elected Governor in 2006, the Workers Compensation Board will not be used as a tool to further a political agenda. Rather, it shall be a respectful judicial forum equally concerned with the rights of all parties, including injured workers. In addition, he is NOT in favor of limiting benefits for those who are permanently disabled. Lawyers for workers compensation claimants can’t ask for more than that!
We told the Attorney General that injured workers had not received a benefit increase in over 12 years, and it was high time to do something about it. All in all, the meeting was a great success for the Workers Compensation Alliance, and we look forward to working with Mr. Spitzer and other friends of injured workers in the future.

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