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Protecting Injured New York Workers

New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance is a statewide coalition of injured workers and stakeholders dedicated to protecting the rights of those injured under the New York State Workers’ Compensation laws.

The group is now organizing an email campaign to spread awareness about the numerous problems with the workers’ compensation system. Participation is easy, and only requires following a few simple steps:

(1)    Go to

(2)    Click on the button which says “contact your legislators.”

(3)    Enter your information; name, address, email, etc

(4)    Click on the button which says “start writing.” You don’t have to compose the letter. It is already done as you will see.

(5)    Next, you will see on the left, the names of the Governor, your State Senator and your State Assembly Member. You will be asked for your    name prefix (Mr., Mrs. Ms. etc.) and your telephone number. It will also ask for the letter topic. Just scroll down the list and enter “Worker Exploitation.” The text of the letter will appear on the right hand side.

(6)    Finally, click on the button which says “send letter” and you are done.

The New York workers’ compensation system is broken and in need of fixing. Our injured workers need protection. This process takes less than five minutes and sends a powerful message to Albany.

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