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NY Workers' Compensation Alliance Launches Website

The New York State Workers’ Compensation Alliance has just launched its new website. As most of you know, the NY Workers’ Compensation Alliance is a group of individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting the rights and benefits of injured workers.
In the still embering flames of 9/11, Governor Pataki has proposed a new workers’ compensation “reform” bill (I call it a “deform” bill), heavily supported by insurance companies, that would take away benefits from the most seriously injured – including 9/11 survivors.
My firm is still representing many seriously hurt 9/11 victims in their workers’ compensation claims. We, along with most of my colleagues in the Workers’ Compensation Bar, previously represented the families of deceased 9/11 victims on a “pro bono” basis and the vast majority of all death claims are now thankfully resolved.
However, each day another worker in the Ground Zero envelope develops another serious lung condition and or cancer. Workers’ Compensation insurance companies are fighting these claims tooth and nail. I am sure my office will be litigating these career ending – and sometimes deadly claims long after my young children are grown. The cancers may not develop for 20-30 years. We will just have to wait, see and pray for the best.
That’s what burns me most about the Governor’s workers’ comp bill. 9/11 survivors would lose benefits under this bill. That’s where the New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance comes in. As a member of the Alliance, Turley Redmond & Rosasco pledges to help defeat this bill in Albany. However, the NY Workers’ Compensation Alliance needs your help. If you don’t believe 9/11 survivors should lose their workers’ comp benefits, please call your State Senator toll free at 1-877-255-9417 and press “2”. If you don’t know the name of your State Senator, simply give them your zip code and the operator will connect you directly to your Senator’s office. Tell the Senator you oppose Governor Pataki’s workers’ compensation bill since it will take away benefits from the most seriously injured.
Because the workers’ comp bill is attached to the State Budget, it should be resolved by April 1st. Time is short – call today to voice your opinion. Thank you in advance for helping to protect injured workers.

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