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NY Post on Zadroga Lawyers Worby Napoli "Ad Trick Insult"


Photo courtesy of the NY Post

Worby Groner & Edelman and Napoli Bern, LLP , the much criticized 9/11 "victim" law firm, was accused of major conflicts of interest by federal judge Alvin Hellerstein recently regarding it’s representation 59 separate 9/11 victims. Said Judge Alvin Hellerstein:

"Having thus been in conflict for months, and having done nothing about it, Napoli Bern failed to give these 59 Plaintiffs the proper representation to which they were entitled.

Instead, Napoli Bern favored the needs of the thousands of other clients whom it also represented. That this happened is hardly surprising, especially when one considers the possibility that Napoli Bern had financial motivations for preferring its thousands of settling clients."

See Judge Hellerstein’s full 3/11/2011 decision here regarding Napoli Bern’s conflicts and conduct. 

On the heels of this legal embarrassment, the New York Post today exposed a hurtful Worby Napoli advertisement picturing a current NYC Firefighter who never was at Ground Zero, but whose picture was altered with special computer software to make it look like he was a first responder.  And believe it or not, the Worby Napoli firm issued a press release immediately defending the misleading ad!!  Have they no shame? Do they really care about 9/11 victims? Or are they stereo-typical lawyers just out for the money? 

In my opinion, Worby Napoli’s pattern of conduct over the last few month’s is nothing short of disgraceful.   How can any future Zadroga 9/11 claimant trust this law firm? There are  many honorable Zadroga 9/11 lawyers representing 9/11 victims and first responders.  Unfortunately, the honorable attorneys are inevitably tarnished by the "900 pound gorilla in the room".  Sad.

When choosing a Zadroga Act lawyer, make sure you pick one with integrity.  At the end of the day, you must trust that your Zadroga lawyer is working for your best interests.

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