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New York Disability Lawyer Adds Informational Twitter Posts to Blog

OK – its time to try out this Twitter thing!  My good friend Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog says it is an important tool to provide helpful info to my clients and readers, and I have great respect for his opinions on lawyers and Internet technology. 

If you look to the left side of our blog and scroll down a bit, you will see my last five Twitter posts.  From my perspective, Twitter allows me to quickly get out useful information and news without having to compose a full blog post. Why? You can only use 140 characters in any Twitter post, so you better get to the point fast!

For example, I broke the story about the appointment of Robert Beloten as the new NY Workers’ Compensation Board Chairman on Twitter within minutes of confirming it with the NY Times, and this "tweet" ( the term Twitter uses for a "post" ) was  "retweeted" (RT) across the Internet  multiple times the same day.  News travels with lightning speed on Twitter.

In any case, we will give Twitter a "twhirl" and if our readers like it, we will continue to tweet away!

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