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Long Island ERISA Disability Claim Attorney Profiled in Newsday

Patricia Kitchen of Newsday did a nice article on business professionals who blog in the cover story to the Money and Careers section of last Sunday’s paper.  My good friend and fellow attorney Diane Pfadenhauer, who writes the Strategic HR Lawyer Blog, was featured along with my blog on long term disability claims.  We both have Kevin O’Keefe at Lexblog to thank for hosting and designing our blogs and keeping them easy to navigate for our readers.

The article stressed the roles our blogs play in providing useful information on specific topics to the public while also allowing us to express our professional "spin" on the issues.  Of course, I have suffered some ribbing from fellow attorneys since publication – mostly along the lines of "what is a blog?"  The print edition unmercifully had my mug shot front and center, and one good "friend" informed me that he stuck it on the refrigerator door right next to the plumber’s magnet!   

I have since spoken to Steve Levy, a professional recruiter who was also profiled in the article and discussed employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  We will talk again. I haven’t spoken to career strategy coach Deb Dib yet who was also profiled, but am sure we will have similar synergies.  See you in the blogosphere


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