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Judge Robert E. Beloten Appointed New York Workers Compensation Board Chairman

When I first started practicing workers’ compensation law in the early 1990’s at the Hempstead, NY hearing office,  Robert (Bob) Beloten was one of the sitting Workers’ Compensation Law Judges. In many ways, I was very "green" and needed some guidance on how things "really worked" at the WCB.  Not only did Bob Beloten provide such guidance to me and other young attorneys at the time, he also made sure that our lack of experience did not harm our clients. That’s what a good judge does- and Bob Beloten was certainly among the best.

When I was asked to present a seminar on workers compensation law at St. John’s University Law School a few years back and needed a judge to offer his perspectives, I immediately reached out to Judge Beloten.  He graciously accepted and the law students at St. John’s were treated to one of the finest seminars on judicial independence and philosophy in some time.

Bottom Line Robert E. Beloten is a top notch workers’ comp professional who has lived and breathed the workers’ compensation law for most of his legal career. The NY Times has a nice article out today about Robert Beloten’s appointment as WCB Chair.  Governor Paterson has made a wise choice in selecting the next Chairman of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board.  I wish him the best of luck!

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