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Injured Workers Bar Association Conference – 5/14/05

Heard a lot of potential good news at the Injured Workers Bar Association conference in Albany over the weekend. First, along with the New York State AFL-CIO, we will be pushing the legislature hard for a long overdue workers compensation rate increase. Its been thirteen (13) years since injured claimants had a raise in their workers compensation payments. During that same period, workers compensation insurance companies have been reaping record profits while cheating the Workers Compensation Board. When will business, represented by the New York State Business Council and the Central New York Manufacturers Association, learn that gouging insurance companies are their real enemies?
Assemblywoman Susan John (D-Rochester), Chair of the Assembly Labor Committee, gave a great presentation on the politics of a workers compensation rate increase. Injured workers throughout New York State are lucky to have Ms. John in their corner. In addition, Jonathan Rosen, an Industrial Hygienist with the Public Employees Federation (PEF), spoke on special workers compensation benefits for PEF members. He also highlighted the importance of New York’s Occupational Health Clinics in New York City and Long Island. These clinics have specific expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of many occupational diseases and injuries. All injured and disabled workers should avail themselves of the resources.
Our next conference is scheduled for Buffalo in the early Fall. Then we’ll probably return to the milder climate of New York City in the Winter. Hope to see you there.

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