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How Does New York’s Scaffold Law Affect Your Workers’ Compensation Case?

Construction is one of the riskiest professions, so serious accidents are bound to happen. For this reason, workers on these sites need protections to ensure their safety, such as New York’s Scaffold Law. While this law helps workers, how will it affect your workers’ compensation claim? Learn everything you need to know about the Scaffold Law and how it can impact your case.

Who Is Most Affected By Scaffolding Accidents?

Scaffolding accidents are among the most common, accounting for 25% of fatal falls yearly. Most scaffold incidents frequently involve construction workers, painters, electricians, or anyone else required to work at significant heights. Victims of these accidents will suffer severe damages, such as fractures, head trauma, or spinal cord injuries.

What Is NY’s Scaffold Law?

New York’s Scaffold Law, also known as Labor Law 240, has existed since 1885 and continues to be one of the most robust worker laws nationwide. It holds contractors, owners, and their agents responsible for any gravity-related accidents. Labor Law 240 requires them to give workers adequate scaffolding, ladders, slings, and other safety gear. Contractors also need to ensure everything is well-maintained and safe to use.

How This Law Affects A Workers’ Comp Claim

You’re fully entitled to file a Workers’ Compensation claim even if NY’s Scaffold Law applies to your case. In regular workers’ comp cases, you can get compensation for medical bills and lost wages, but you won’t be able to sue your employer in most cases. However, the Scaffold Law will let you sue the negligent third party on top of the standard workers’ comp claim. If you have concrete evidence and win your claim, you can receive additional compensation for damages.

What Cases Are Eligible Under The Scaffold Law?

A Scaffold Law claim often involves accidents with an elevation-related hazard, such as falling off a scaffold. But the law isn’t only restricted to calls. Workers struck by a falling object due to a lack of proper safety equipment or safety measures could also apply. For instance, if a construction worker gets hit by a machine because it wasn’t secured properly, they can sue their employer for not providing a safer work environment.

Seek Justice For Your Injuries With Our Attorneys

Injuries from scaffolding accidents can be life-altering. Besides handling physical pain, you’ll also need to deal with your medical bills and lost wages. But with New York’s Scaffold Law, you can seek further compensation and secure yourself financially while recovering from your injuries.

If your case qualifies for workers’ comp and the Scaffold Law, our New York workers’ compensation lawyers are here to help. For over 70 years, our team has helped countless clients hold their employer responsible for their negligent actions. We will guide you through the legal process and ensure you can secure the compensation you need to recover and rebuild your life again. Please contact us online or call us at 855-208-7852 to schedule a free consultation online today.

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