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Disability Law Library

The Illusion of the Long Term Disability Safety Net – read this great LA Times article on the current sad state of long term disability claims in the United States before you file your disability claim.   

Disability Claims Process Stacked Against Claimant – another good article from the San Francisco Chronicle detailing the high hurdles in the long term disability process.   

ERISA Disability Regulations – these are the procedural rules governing the decision making and appeal procedures for ERISA long term disability claims.   

Spitzer Settlement with Unum Provident – a press release detailing the multi-state settlement agreement with Unum over unfair claim denials.   

“60 Minutes” Expose on Cheating Disability Insurance Carrier – although originally broadcast in 2002, this was the ground breaking report on unfair long term disability claim denials.   

Social Security Disability Claims – your long term disability insurance company will require that you file for Social Security for their benefit.  Don’t use their so called “free” advocates who are paid directly by the insurance company and will share damaging information to deny your LTD claim.  Call us! Many times we can negotiate with the LTD carrier to have them pay for our independent representation, while protecting your LTD claim.   

Medline Plus – the most comprehensive health information portal on the internet sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH).  If you’ve got it, you will find helpful and reliable information here.      

Health & Disability Support Groups – the comprehensive Google directory of specific disease support groups. – a great information portal sponsored by the federal government providing a wealth of information on disability related benefits.

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